I'm Timothee Mickus, a postdoc at the University of Helsinki; I'm involved in the ERC-funded FoTran project led by Jörg Tiedemann.

I did my PhD at ATILF, under the supervision of Mathieu Constant and Denis Paperno at Utrecht University. You can read the whole thing here. My PhD research topic was on distributional semantics and dictionaries: do dictionary definitions depict meaning in the same way as neural networks-based word vectors? Can we come up with quantitative ways of measuring how similar these two theories are? This PhD was funded by the OLKi project. It received an award from the ATALA, the French scientific society for NLP.

I also hold a Masters in Computational Linguistics from the now-Université de Paris Computational Linguistics curriculum. My thesis was on distributional effects of grammatical gender contrasts on French human nouns, which you can read here.

I'm currently organizing a shared task for next year's SemEval with a number of colleagues from Helsinki and beyond. It's called SHROOM, a Shared-task on Hallucinations and Related Observable Overgeneration Mistakes. More info available (and to appear) on the SHROOM task website. I'm also organizing a workshop for this year's EACL, on Modular and Open Multilingual NLP, or MOOMIN for short. Check the website for details!