I'm Timothee Mickus, a 3rd year PhD student at ATILF, under the supervision of Mathieu Constant and Denis Paperno at Utrecht University.

I hold a Masters in Computational Linguistics from the now-Université de Paris Computational Linguistics curriculum. My thesis was on distributional effects of grammatical gender contrasts on French human nouns, which you can read here.

My PhD research topic is on distributional semantics and dictionaries: do dictionary definitions depict meaning in the same way as neural networks-based word vectors? Can we come up with quantitative ways of measuring how similar these two theories are? This PhD is funded by the OLKi project.

I used to be in charge of the Synalp NLP reading group, as well as of the Café TAL, a NLP meeting held every other week here at ATILF.

I'm also the main culprit behind BlankCrack. BlankCrack is an online game "with a purpose", developed to collect linguistic annotations: we're looking words which have similar contexts but different meanings. The game is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, and is by no means an excuse I came up with to draw squirrels instead of writing my dissertation.

I am organizing a SemEval shared task! It's about comparing dictionaries and word embeddings, with five languages, three embedding architectures and fish puns galore; I've been told that it probably "counts as outsourcing my thesis." Check out the task here: Task 1 at SemEval 2022: CODWOE.